As you are likely well aware, the red carpet at last night’s 2018 Golden Globes wasn’t a run-of-the-mill affair with the usual ball gowns and baubles. In solidarity with victims of sexual assault and harassment, almost all of the attendees wore black, and many of the most high-profile actresses took the opportunity to call attention to Time’s Up, a new, $ 13 million legal defense fund designed to support low-income women fighting against mistreatment in their workplaces.

This important work creates a precarious climate for traditional red carpet fashion coverage, and many outlets who usually rank stars’ looks have decided to go a different route as a result. We’ve never been into ranking people, though, so we’ve decided to go ahead with our coverage as usual. These actresses intended to send a message with their fashion choices, and we’re happy to give you a closer look at that.

The all-black dress code often extended to the clutches actresses carried as well, but some chose to get in a little contrast, usually with a silver or otherwise metallic evening bag. From our observation, it seems like there were fewer photos taken of this red carpet and fewer dressing notifications sent out by brands about which stars carried their bags, so for some of our selections, we don’t have bag IDs. If you recognize something we didn’t name, please let us know in the comments.

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